Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wedding Fun

Yesterday Matt and I went to join the wedding reception of some friends Alex & Tim, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the evening! These are old friends of mine, and so at first Matt wasn't so eager as doesn't know them very well. After realising they have a love of rock music however he enjoyed the evening too (their first dance was to a Metallica song!).

The Newlyweds

They were lucky enough to marry, and have their reception at Walton Hall in Warrington, a beautiful old house set in acres and acres of gardens. It is a lovely building, full of period fireplaces and wood clad walls and staircases. It's the kind of place I would love to get married in myself - except it wouldn't fit my huge family in it!

Walton Hall

The one element I must make comment on however, is the fantastic cake. A three tiered cake spread diagonally, with the bride & groom, the best man and usher and all the bridesmaids all included. Plus one tier was mint cake, yum!

The cake

We luckily managed to get a lift there, and so plenty of drinking and catching up with old friends was had, followed by staying up at home til almost 4am whilst Matt looked up wedding songs he would have for a first dance (we're not even engaged!).

Ahhh, weddings make me happy :)

Luna x

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