Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Twitter Tuesday - Dots and Spots

Dots and Spots...

Today I would like to introduce you all to Dots and Spots, run by Becky Peabody in Somerset. Becky designs a range of products, mainly her really cute cards, but also decorative tape, notebooks and prints. I love Becky's use of simple, yet beautifully put together choices of patterns, which are obviously based around dots and spots! I always look forward to seeing her new designs and prints, her simple subject matter, yet lovely choice of colours always create a striking and memorable image.

I am also a subscriber to the Dots and Spots blog, of which the posts never disappoint me. It has been an absolute delight to read about the expansion of Dots and Spots over the past few months into new premises, and the photo's throughout really make you feel like you already know the place.  
Please take a look at Becky's work, perhaps you will find some potential Christmas cards or presents here!

Tree Card £1.99

Pink Cupcakes Decorative Tape £4.95

Framed Coffee Time Original Print £39.95

Washing Line Christmas Cards, contains 8 £5.99

You can find Becky on Twitter as dotsandspotsbiz, at her shop and at her blog. I hope that you can all find some Christmas inspiration with Dots and Spots!

Luna x


  1. Thank you very much - what a nice suprise! It's very kind of you to feature me!

  2. What lovely things... I'm going to check out the blog :) x

  3. Oh I like the cupcake deco-tape A LOT! What could be cuter (or stickier?!) than that?! xx

  4. I love the string line hanging above your desk is it? I might just have to do one the same above mine this afternoon!