Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Introducing 'Twitter Tuesday'

Joining Twitter earlier this year has had a massive effect on my creativity. At the time I was part-way through my art teacher training, and Twitter really started sparking my brain cells with new ideas and excitement again, I fell in love with art all over again!

Due to this new excitement I have again, I feel I would love to share with the world the people who really have really inspired me the past few months to develop my own ideas, and those who's work I just adore and admire - all of these people are folk I have found through Twitter.

So with this I would like to introduce my first Twitter Tuesday....

Lupin Handmade...

Upon joining Twitter, Laura Howard was just the 9th person I started following, and really played a huge part in giving me back my creative passion. I was drooling over (and still do!) her felt masterpieces, all hand sewn, and really desperate to start begin being creative again myself. I was also in awe that she was a similar age to myself, and had managed to build her business up so much, that she had been able to give up her regular job and concentrate on Lupin Handmade full-time, something I would love to be able to do one day.

I also really look forward to reading Laura's blog, she always writes about subjects which excite me and I love the insights into her life, from her works in progress, to day trips, to just plain old mending and alteration entries! Laura's writing and shop always make you feel welcome into her life and her crafts, and is someone I really admire.

Working her wonders with felt, here is a selection of her beautiful work...

Camera Ornament £15.00

Little Teacup Pin £8.00

Red Poppy Pin £9.00

Snowy Owl £12.00

You can find Laura on Twitter as bugsandfishes, at her Lupin Handmade shop, and at her blog. Now please, go and enjoy her work!

Luna x

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