Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Twitter Tuesday - Dots and Spots

Dots and Spots...

Today I would like to introduce you all to Dots and Spots, run by Becky Peabody in Somerset. Becky designs a range of products, mainly her really cute cards, but also decorative tape, notebooks and prints. I love Becky's use of simple, yet beautifully put together choices of patterns, which are obviously based around dots and spots! I always look forward to seeing her new designs and prints, her simple subject matter, yet lovely choice of colours always create a striking and memorable image.

I am also a subscriber to the Dots and Spots blog, of which the posts never disappoint me. It has been an absolute delight to read about the expansion of Dots and Spots over the past few months into new premises, and the photo's throughout really make you feel like you already know the place.  
Please take a look at Becky's work, perhaps you will find some potential Christmas cards or presents here!

Tree Card £1.99

Pink Cupcakes Decorative Tape £4.95

Framed Coffee Time Original Print £39.95

Washing Line Christmas Cards, contains 8 £5.99

You can find Becky on Twitter as dotsandspotsbiz, at her shop and at her blog. I hope that you can all find some Christmas inspiration with Dots and Spots!

Luna x

Friday, 24 September 2010

Table Restoration Ideas...

 Whilst at work this week I happened to mention to the manager of the golf club bar that I loved this table. It was stashed up some stairs with some junk on it, not being used for anything really. I honestly couldn't believe it when she said I could have it! So here it is!

The only issue is that the wood needs a bit of tarting up and its quite worn. I'm unsure what to do really. So far I've thought of either just waxing it up, sanding the wood work then varnishing, or sanding it then painting it a new colour, perhaps white or cream?

So, having never tackled a piece of furniture before, I'd like a few suggestions if anyone has any?

Luna x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Twitter Tuesday - 1st Unique Gifts

1st Unique Gifts...

Following meeting Wendy in person last weekend, I felt that she was the perfect person to feature in this weeks Twitter Tuesday! As I began to delve further into the crafty world of Twitter, I was finding more and more southern folk, and I wondered just how many local crafters were around, and then I found 1st Unique Gifts - literally a few miles down the road!

Wendy works from her home studio (a lovely photo blog of her creating her studio can be found here) creating her wooden, hand painted products. Wendy has designed and created a wide range of fantastic and VERY cute products, ranging from door plaques, to chalkboards, to canvasses. She has a unique style, often incorporating a stitched look on pieces which I absolutely love!

Wendy also runs her own blog through her website, updating followers on her new designs, her custom pieces and the occasional insight into her holidays (and the beautiful beaches she seems to visit!).

If you haven't seen Wendy's work before, be sure to take a look at these pictures of her wonderful products and even more on her website...

'Cake Is The Answer' Hanging Plaque £6.99

Christening Photo Frame £7.50

Large Heart Chalkboard £7.99

Wine O'clock from £14.99

 You can find Wendy on Twitter as @1stUniqueGifts, at her shop and at her blog. Please take a look, there's something there for everyone!

Luna x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Liverpool Independents Biennial 2010

'Blue' 2010

So this week has seen the submission of my work 'Blue' to the Liverpool Independents Biennial. I am lucky enough to have an entry to this amazing exhibition due to being part of Liverpoolgallery.com. As a group we have an exhibition starting tomorrow in the Gostins Building on Hanover Street in the city centre, which runs until 16th October. This is my second exhibition as part of this group, and it always makes me very excited to see my work displayed professionally!

Luna x

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Twitter Tuesday - TreeFall Design

TreeFall Design...

Manda McGrory was again one the first people I came across on Twitter, and again another whose work I lust over in awe and amazement. Her work ranges from quilts, to children's clothes, to wrist cuffs, to cushions. Her style is unique, with her beautiful choices of colour combinations and her choice of fabrics, to my favourite part, the appliqued animal silhouettes on many of her items. I look at Manda's work, and truly wish I could design and sew like she can.

I am also an avid reader of her blog, and I love sharing in her life experiences. She writes about her beautiful daughters, her family, her work and her home. Her home in particular always makes me slightly jealous - after seeing her books arranged on shelves by colours I saw just how visually appealing it was, and promptly re-arranged mine!

Following Manda on Twitter, I know that life has been turbulent recently, but I know that she cherishes everyone and everything around her, and her love for her family, friends and her work always shows.

Now please take a look in awe (as I do!) at a selection of her beautiful work...

Bunny Blues Baby Blouse 6-12 months $20.00

Unisex Playmat $90.00

Vintage Hidden Animals Cushion - Swallow $35.00

TreeFall Bunnies $45.00 each

You can find Manda on Twitter as TreeFalldesign, at her Etsy shop and at her blog. I hope that those of you new to TreeFall Design enjoy (and hopefully buy of course!) Manda's work.

Luna x

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wedding Fun

Yesterday Matt and I went to join the wedding reception of some friends Alex & Tim, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the evening! These are old friends of mine, and so at first Matt wasn't so eager as doesn't know them very well. After realising they have a love of rock music however he enjoyed the evening too (their first dance was to a Metallica song!).

The Newlyweds

They were lucky enough to marry, and have their reception at Walton Hall in Warrington, a beautiful old house set in acres and acres of gardens. It is a lovely building, full of period fireplaces and wood clad walls and staircases. It's the kind of place I would love to get married in myself - except it wouldn't fit my huge family in it!

Walton Hall

The one element I must make comment on however, is the fantastic cake. A three tiered cake spread diagonally, with the bride & groom, the best man and usher and all the bridesmaids all included. Plus one tier was mint cake, yum!

The cake

We luckily managed to get a lift there, and so plenty of drinking and catching up with old friends was had, followed by staying up at home til almost 4am whilst Matt looked up wedding songs he would have for a first dance (we're not even engaged!).

Ahhh, weddings make me happy :)

Luna x

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Introducing 'Twitter Tuesday'

Joining Twitter earlier this year has had a massive effect on my creativity. At the time I was part-way through my art teacher training, and Twitter really started sparking my brain cells with new ideas and excitement again, I fell in love with art all over again!

Due to this new excitement I have again, I feel I would love to share with the world the people who really have really inspired me the past few months to develop my own ideas, and those who's work I just adore and admire - all of these people are folk I have found through Twitter.

So with this I would like to introduce my first Twitter Tuesday....

Lupin Handmade...

Upon joining Twitter, Laura Howard was just the 9th person I started following, and really played a huge part in giving me back my creative passion. I was drooling over (and still do!) her felt masterpieces, all hand sewn, and really desperate to start begin being creative again myself. I was also in awe that she was a similar age to myself, and had managed to build her business up so much, that she had been able to give up her regular job and concentrate on Lupin Handmade full-time, something I would love to be able to do one day.

I also really look forward to reading Laura's blog, she always writes about subjects which excite me and I love the insights into her life, from her works in progress, to day trips, to just plain old mending and alteration entries! Laura's writing and shop always make you feel welcome into her life and her crafts, and is someone I really admire.

Working her wonders with felt, here is a selection of her beautiful work...

Camera Ornament £15.00

Little Teacup Pin £8.00

Red Poppy Pin £9.00

Snowy Owl £12.00

You can find Laura on Twitter as bugsandfishes, at her Lupin Handmade shop, and at her blog. Now please, go and enjoy her work!

Luna x

Saturday, 4 September 2010

New Jobs & New Buttons

Leigh Golf Club
Well this week has seen the beginning of a new (even if temporary) job for me over at Made With Luna. I recently qualified as a secondary school art teacher, however with the current lack of jobs available I have sought out other work - got to pay the bills somehow!

So, a couple of weeks ago I approached my old boss from the pub where I worked (and where myself and Matt still run a weekly quiz) and luckily it turned out he was taking on a new business venture. So I now find myself doing catering at a local golf club! I am trying to learn how to chef, its only a small menu mind you, but having never done it before its a bit daunting! But during busy periods I'm mainly currently on cold food and a little waitressing. Its only been 4 days, but current chef thinks I'll be able to cook the whole menu within a few weeks. Its very scary!! But I am enjoying having something to keep my days busy again, knowing that I will shortly be getting a wage also (MUCH needed!), and loving working with a couple of old pals again!

In other news however, I am extremely excited about the arrival of my new buttons to make my brooches! I am just waiting for a new design which has some lovely tree's on before I finalise them, but then they will be loaded onto Folksy!

Luna x