Monday, 31 January 2011

The De-Clutter Begins!

Remember this post about me being desperate to have an early Spring clean? Well, it has begun!

I started by listing 5 unused items 6 days ago on eBay, and this gave me the bug to continue and sell more! So tonight I have spent four, yes FOUR (phew!) hours listing items for sale. I now have 22 items up on eBay, so fingers crossed most of them sell!

If your feeling nosy - here's my eBay shop with tons of things for sale, mostly bags and shoes! Here's a few things that are going as part of the big Spring De-Clutter!

The items I am sending out with the big declutter are either too small, no longer used or are unwanted gifts. Are you going to join in with the big Spring declutter?

Luna x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Don't Lose Your Tesco Pennies!

I don't normally re-blog things - however I think some people may have been missing out here!

It turns out that you can find your 'lost' Tesco points - points you probably didn't even know were there! I found this out after reading this blog post by The Felt Fairy - go and read it to find out the instructions! Don't lose out people - you could be rich without even realising it!

I found out I had £16.50 just sat there waiting to be spent! Yay!

Luna x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Spring Clean

I have been having a uber (yes, I did just say 'uber') urge to spring clean recently. Well, not clean exactly, more of CHUCK EVERYTHING OUT!!! After the wonderful but cluttered Christmas decorations being around, and now just a general everyday mess which no-one ever seems to sort out, I am craving a lovely welcoming and warm, yet clutter free living space! When I have chance to get this spring clean ball rolling, if its not useful, practical, loved or decorative then its GOING!

I dream of living in a space where I have been let loose to create my own design on. We live in a rented property currently, and there's only so much of cream walls I can take, and also only so much wall hangings we can put up.

I just LOVE these living rooms I found, eugh, they make me drool with lust for them!

I love that green wall paint!

I wish I had a wall of photo's and artwork!

Hmm....anyone else have the same urge??

Luna x

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

It's Been A Long Time Coming...

My word - Christmas really did take its toll on me, its been a while since I graced my presence here! It has been lovely though :)

And so, with all the Christmas gifts, decorations and food out of the way (well, nearly all the food!) I have found my crafty bug itching away at me again. I feel I was getting a bit bored with trying to craft items I could sell or give as gifts for Christmas and I have been after something which I could just do for me. Something which didn't matter how it turned out, it didn't matter how much it cost and it didn't matter how long it took.

Then I remember my Wreck This Journal which I bought last summer. This is a book by Keri Smith whereby each page is fairly empty, except for an instruction. These instructions are quite vague - and most can be interpreted in different ways, but they all require creativeness to 'destroy' the journal. I had started a few entries when I bought it - starting in a random order, I had number the pages, started filling out the info page, and completed a page of circles. But then I think I got a little protective over the rest of it, unsure of what to do but still creating a an artistic entry.

And so, with my creative itch scratching away at me again, I have pulled the journal out again. And taking the bull by the horns the first thing I have done with it is follow one of the weirder instructions, I took it in the shower with me! And you know what? I'm so glad I did! I really feel that by doing this I have wiped away that 'blank page' fear I think I had. Once dried (partly using a hair dryer to separate the wet pages!) it has left the journal with such a lovely 'used' feeling to it which I just love!

Following my journals shower, I have begun on another entry which requires you to doodle on the cover. This instruction has interpreted slightly, and I have instead decoupaged the cover using vintage style papers. This had made it look so pretty - which of course I love, however I haven't really 'wrecked' it by doing this! Maybe with time I'll end up doodling over the decoupage, we'll see.

I'll be uploading more images as I go along to my Flickr page, so take a nosy when your around....

Luna x