Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Spring Clean

I have been having a uber (yes, I did just say 'uber') urge to spring clean recently. Well, not clean exactly, more of CHUCK EVERYTHING OUT!!! After the wonderful but cluttered Christmas decorations being around, and now just a general everyday mess which no-one ever seems to sort out, I am craving a lovely welcoming and warm, yet clutter free living space! When I have chance to get this spring clean ball rolling, if its not useful, practical, loved or decorative then its GOING!

I dream of living in a space where I have been let loose to create my own design on. We live in a rented property currently, and there's only so much of cream walls I can take, and also only so much wall hangings we can put up.

I just LOVE these living rooms I found, eugh, they make me drool with lust for them!

I love that green wall paint!

I wish I had a wall of photo's and artwork!

Hmm....anyone else have the same urge??

Luna x


  1. Yes yes yes but like you I Live in rented so we're quite limited :o(

    B xxx

  2. Yes but I can't get going to do it!!! I have a new armchair arriving at the end of Feb & I hope to have re done the room to fit it in! Wish me luck :) x

  3. i have! i can't wait to move and decorate my apartment to my likings :)

  4. Very nice photo frames you have shown there. They can be used for personalised photo frames also.