Monday, 31 January 2011

The De-Clutter Begins!

Remember this post about me being desperate to have an early Spring clean? Well, it has begun!

I started by listing 5 unused items 6 days ago on eBay, and this gave me the bug to continue and sell more! So tonight I have spent four, yes FOUR (phew!) hours listing items for sale. I now have 22 items up on eBay, so fingers crossed most of them sell!

If your feeling nosy - here's my eBay shop with tons of things for sale, mostly bags and shoes! Here's a few things that are going as part of the big Spring De-Clutter!

The items I am sending out with the big declutter are either too small, no longer used or are unwanted gifts. Are you going to join in with the big Spring declutter?

Luna x

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