Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Twitter Tuesday - DitsyBird

Ditsy Bird...

I have been following Ditsy Bird, aka Sarah Fitton on Twitter since joining the site, and have watched how her products have developed and her range has expanded since then. Specialising in children's artwork and handmade cards there is a distinctive style around Sarah's designs which I love. The children's canvas's are the first product I came across, and I absolutely love them! Unfortunately I know no children to buy one for! But her wide range of cards are also adorable. 

If you pop over and take a peek at the Ditsy Bird blog you will also find insights into Sarah's new designs, her products and also lovely snapshots from her daily life. I always enjoy reading blogs which show you works in progress, it really makes the finished products feel more personal when you've seen the design process.

For those who have children to buy for at Christmas, or some birthdays coming up, I hope that you can find something with Ditsy Bird...

Monkey Personalised Canvas £15.00

Monster Face Birthday Card £2.00

Skulls Canvas £25.00

Bunch of Flowers Birthday Card £2.00

You can find Sarah on Twitter as DitsyBirdDesign, on her blog at her Folksy shop and at her Facebook page. I hope that you can find some lovely new purchases through Ditsy Bird!

Luna x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Twitter Tuesday - PRINT for LOVE of WOOD


I actually fell upon PRINT for LOVE of WOOD at a craft fair recently in Warrington and fell in love with their work immediately. I picked up one of their flyer's from the stall and as soon as my bum landed on my sofa at home I was searching for them on Twitter and their online stores.

I absolutely just LOVE these letterpress prints created by graphic designer Jacqui. They have such a quirky, yet traditional feel about them, and I fail to see how they wouldn't fit into any home.

Normally, I would write a lot more about a designers work and their processes, however in this case I really feel that Jacqui's work can speak volumes more than I could write. And so I leave you with some of her beautiful prints for you to drool over....

Bake More Cake £15.00

Vintage Camera Flat Notecards x6 £6.00

Owl Linocut A3 £18.00

Make Do and Mend £7.00

You can find Jacqui on Twitter as print_for_love, on her blog at her Folksy shop or her Etsy shop and at her Facebook page. I hope that you can find some lovely new purchases through PRINT for LOVE of WOOD!

Luna x

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Twitter Tuesday - Cherry Pie Lane

Cherry Pie Lane...

I first came across Cherry Pie Lane through Rock 'n' Roll Bride and various wedding photo's which showed Charlie's absolutely gorgeous vintage style ceramic signs. Each sign uses quirky lettering and beautiful natural colours and has such a homely and loving feeling about it.

If you visit Charlie's website, you will find out how Charlie got into this business, previously teaching art students before jumping into Cherry Pie Lane full steam ahead. I find it lovely that these ideas have stemmed from pieces she made for her own wedding, which shows just how much she loves what she makes.

The majority of Charlie's current work is signs, not only for weddings however. You will find signs for children's rooms, Dad's shed, your tea room, in fact anything you like with her custom orders! I hope that you enjoy Charlie's work, and take a minute to find her on Twitter (link below) or perhaps even order from her a special gift for someone, or even yourself!

Custom Wedding Heart $38.50

Keep Calm and Carry On $37.00

Mistletoe & Wine $38.50

Christmas Reindeer $12.50

You can find Charlie on Twitter as CherryPieLane, on her website at her Etsy shop and at her Facebook page. I hope that you can find some lovely new purchases through Cherry Pie Lane!

Luna x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Twitter Tuesday - Swirlyarts


One of the first things that struck me with Swirlyarts was Lynsey's chicken pin cushions. Each one is very, very cute, with its own little personality. I can just imagine them all running riot in her studio when they think she's not looking!

Over at Swirlyarts you will find a range of products, often created using recycled materials. Lynsey loves to rescue damaged books from charity shops and put them to good use again, making items such as gift tags or envelopes out of them. Its this part of it that makes it all so lovely for me - anything made used recycled goods is all the better as far as I'm concerned! Also a lot of these items have a certain childish charm about them, whether that be the chickens cheeky grin, or the characters used on the gift tags - ideal for use with children's gifts (or perhaps just for those of us who never grew up!).

As always with those I have found through Twitter and admire their work, I love reading Lynsey's blog. She has a healthy balance of showcasing her new makes, introducing us to areas of her studio or sometimes just the pure excitement of her new shoes!

'Around The House' Recycled Gift Tags. Set of 10 $4.00

'Fairy Tales' Recycled Envelopes. Set of 10 $5.50

Lake District Map Badges $3.00

'Mr and Mrs Bird' Recycled Gift Tags. Set of 10 $4.00

You can find Lynsey on Twitter as Swirlyarts, at her Folksy shop or her Etsy shop and at her blog. I hope that you can find some lovely new purchases through Swirlyarts!

Luna x