Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Twitter Tuesday - PRINT for LOVE of WOOD


I actually fell upon PRINT for LOVE of WOOD at a craft fair recently in Warrington and fell in love with their work immediately. I picked up one of their flyer's from the stall and as soon as my bum landed on my sofa at home I was searching for them on Twitter and their online stores.

I absolutely just LOVE these letterpress prints created by graphic designer Jacqui. They have such a quirky, yet traditional feel about them, and I fail to see how they wouldn't fit into any home.

Normally, I would write a lot more about a designers work and their processes, however in this case I really feel that Jacqui's work can speak volumes more than I could write. And so I leave you with some of her beautiful prints for you to drool over....

Bake More Cake £15.00

Vintage Camera Flat Notecards x6 £6.00

Owl Linocut A3 £18.00

Make Do and Mend £7.00

You can find Jacqui on Twitter as print_for_love, on her blog at her Folksy shop or her Etsy shop and at her Facebook page. I hope that you can find some lovely new purchases through PRINT for LOVE of WOOD!

Luna x


  1. Aw thanks Luna for the lovely write up --> blushing!!
    Was having a rubbish day, cheered me up no end ;o)
    They are having another vintage fair in Warrington but can't make, but hopefully see you at the next one!
    Jax x

  2. I'm liking.... off to check out Folksy now :) x

  3. Yeah its lovely work isnt it Joe! Hmmmm, now who can I give hints to for xmas?! x