Thursday, 29 July 2010

Business Cards

I was extremely excited for the arrival of my first set of business cards this week! Eek, it makes everything seem more professional, and really gives me a sense of feeling that this IS something I can do, and do it well.

Fingers crossed hey...


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Camping in Llangollen

Sooo, this weekend has been extremely enjoyable and a much need break! Myself and OH went camping for the weekend near Llangollen in Wales, to a campsite we have stayed before by the Abbey ruins.

 Our blue tent in the middle in front of the abbey ruins.

Before this could happen however, the cats had to be taken to the cattery, a new experience for all of us! It really broke my heart leaving them there, especially litte Phoenix who is not quite yet an adult cat, who clung on to me in terror not wanting to go in the pen. Rosie was fine all weekend, I guess this is due to her having spent 6 months in the cats protection league pens, so it was familiar to her. Phoenix didnt really come out of his shell all weekend apparently, poor little fella. However one lovely piece of news is that although they don't get on with each other at home, whilst there they were sleeping in the same bed together all snuggled up! So wish I could have seen that.

As mentioned, we have been to Llangollen before, and to the same campsite. However on Saturday evening we visited Horseshoe falls with a picnic for our tea, and with no-one else around except a few cows it was really lovely.

Horseshoe Falls

Picnic plates hehe :)

Enjoying the evening...

So the weekend has been thoroughly enjoyed all in all! I was glad to get home and see the cats again of course though! Here's just a few more snaps from our weekend...

A cute little deli we bought picnic supplies from.

A memorial seat engraved with;
'Why stand when you can sit'

The old suitcases stacked up at Carrog station.

Luna x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Gift Tags

Well these are my work in progress for the gift tags. My packaging bags arrived today, and so they've been packed together - just need to sort out my labels now!

I go on holiday on 1st August however, so I've decided to wait until my return to list them on Folksy - but it's getting me all excited thinking about it! Im also considering approaching the local independant card shop to see if they are interested in stocking them too.

Ooh, I'm all excited!

Luna x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Newspaper Bags

This evening I stumbled accross this fantastic creation at the other halves parents - it was going to be thrown out! This lovely bag made from newspaper is made in India by children trying to earn money so they can go to school.

I think its lovely....

Luna x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Liverpool Carnival 2010

Saturday night saw us, Manchester School of Samba, playing in the Liverpool Carnival along with lots of other samba drummers and dancers. It was a fantastic event and I enjoyed every minute, even if I am covered in bruises! The Phoenix leads our band around during parades and looks fantastic - along with our costumes below - all of this has been made with our own fair hands.

This is me with the silver drum, called a repinque (pronounced 'a-pee-key').
My look of concentration is from making sure I'm playing the right rhythms at the right time!

Luna x

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Two months ago we adopted our second cat, a lovely girl called Rosie who is 9 and half years old. And on Saturday it made my smile to see that the Cats Protection League in Warrington had posted her as their success story!

Its such a lovely written story - its worth the read.

Luna x

Friday, 16 July 2010


Much of my recent time has been spent being involved in samba related activities, costume making, parades, teaching workshops. And tomorrow comes another gig performing at Liverpool Night Time Carnival!

For the past 5 years I have been a member of Manchester School of Samba and I love it! I play a few different instruments, but I am an experienced player of a cutador surdo. If you have ever seen a brazilian samba band, you will have seen the large drums carried on the body with straps (my drum is about as tall as my mid-thigh), these are the surdos. Within the surdos there are different sounds, those that play your main beats and then the cutador which mostly plays the 'melody' part of samba.

The photo is from our last parade, when we performed at the Manchester Day Parade, and tomorrow we will be all kitted out in our costumes just like above, lets just hope it doesnt rain!

Luna x

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


So this is my first sunflower to open! These are my current pride and joy, I've grown them from seeds since March. Yes I know, I know, they're really easy to grow, but with my luck with plants and flowers this is a mean achievement for me! The only thing I'm not happy with so far is that I planted Russian Giant sunflowers, so it should have a huge black centre. Any idea's why it hasnt anyone?

The three large, or should I say HUGE pots are the sunflowers, the first flower is on the left. If you look carefully you can also see Phoenix the cat behind the left pot - shows how big they are compared to him!


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A New Reflection

So here starts a new area of my life, blogging...

I used to to be an avid online diary writer, keeping one going for about 5 years or so, and so this is not a complete alien area. However blogging seems to have a lovely quality to it, with frequent use of photo's to document my life.

With being my first post, I feel I do of course need to introduce my own life, and so....

My name is Lorna, or Luna and I live in a lovely, fairly large village in Cheshire, with my lovely partner Matt, and our two cats Phoenix and Rosie.

Me and Matt (also known as Maffu)

Almost 1 year old, turning into a proper little tomcat!

9.5 years old, we rescued her 2 months ago.
She had spent 6 months in rescue centre, poor little lady.

My Mum's around the corner, my brother is up the road, and the inlaws are on the edge of the village! My abode consists of a lovely red brick terraced house, with a little decked yard full of plant pots - my current pride of joy is my 6 & 7ft sunflowers grown from seeds which are starting to flower! I think I'll save th sunflowers photo's for a future post however.

I have recently qualified as a secondary school art teacher, and so the job hunt is currently on. However I will admit I'm really struggling with the idea, as all I have been able to think about doing for the past 6 months is setting up my own craft business. It honestly would be my dream, to be creative all day everyday. Sometimes motivation to get going can be a struggle however.....hmmmm, must sort that one out!

I'm hoping that here will be a another creative outlet, another place to be inspired, to share, and to enjoy.

Heres to the future....

Luna x