Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Twitter Tuesday - TreeFall Design

TreeFall Design...

Manda McGrory was again one the first people I came across on Twitter, and again another whose work I lust over in awe and amazement. Her work ranges from quilts, to children's clothes, to wrist cuffs, to cushions. Her style is unique, with her beautiful choices of colour combinations and her choice of fabrics, to my favourite part, the appliqued animal silhouettes on many of her items. I look at Manda's work, and truly wish I could design and sew like she can.

I am also an avid reader of her blog, and I love sharing in her life experiences. She writes about her beautiful daughters, her family, her work and her home. Her home in particular always makes me slightly jealous - after seeing her books arranged on shelves by colours I saw just how visually appealing it was, and promptly re-arranged mine!

Following Manda on Twitter, I know that life has been turbulent recently, but I know that she cherishes everyone and everything around her, and her love for her family, friends and her work always shows.

Now please take a look in awe (as I do!) at a selection of her beautiful work...

Bunny Blues Baby Blouse 6-12 months $20.00

Unisex Playmat $90.00

Vintage Hidden Animals Cushion - Swallow $35.00

TreeFall Bunnies $45.00 each

You can find Manda on Twitter as TreeFalldesign, at her Etsy shop and at her blog. I hope that those of you new to TreeFall Design enjoy (and hopefully buy of course!) Manda's work.

Luna x


  1. Oh my!! I don't know what to say, other than thank you so very, very much for such a lovely blog post. I absolutely can't tell you how much I appreciate it!! xx

  2. Iagree with you, her work is something to inspire you, makes you want to get on that sewing machine! Kx