Friday, 24 September 2010

Table Restoration Ideas...

 Whilst at work this week I happened to mention to the manager of the golf club bar that I loved this table. It was stashed up some stairs with some junk on it, not being used for anything really. I honestly couldn't believe it when she said I could have it! So here it is!

The only issue is that the wood needs a bit of tarting up and its quite worn. I'm unsure what to do really. So far I've thought of either just waxing it up, sanding the wood work then varnishing, or sanding it then painting it a new colour, perhaps white or cream?

So, having never tackled a piece of furniture before, I'd like a few suggestions if anyone has any?

Luna x


  1. I would sand it back & just wax it. Good luck :) x

  2. Thanks. Think it will just sit there til I have a free weekend to get my paws on to it!