Saturday, 4 September 2010

New Jobs & New Buttons

Leigh Golf Club
Well this week has seen the beginning of a new (even if temporary) job for me over at Made With Luna. I recently qualified as a secondary school art teacher, however with the current lack of jobs available I have sought out other work - got to pay the bills somehow!

So, a couple of weeks ago I approached my old boss from the pub where I worked (and where myself and Matt still run a weekly quiz) and luckily it turned out he was taking on a new business venture. So I now find myself doing catering at a local golf club! I am trying to learn how to chef, its only a small menu mind you, but having never done it before its a bit daunting! But during busy periods I'm mainly currently on cold food and a little waitressing. Its only been 4 days, but current chef thinks I'll be able to cook the whole menu within a few weeks. Its very scary!! But I am enjoying having something to keep my days busy again, knowing that I will shortly be getting a wage also (MUCH needed!), and loving working with a couple of old pals again!

In other news however, I am extremely excited about the arrival of my new buttons to make my brooches! I am just waiting for a new design which has some lovely tree's on before I finalise them, but then they will be loaded onto Folksy!

Luna x


  1. Lovely buttons!
    Buttons do tend to get me a little excited ;)
    Hope you've ordered 'wreck this journal' you will love it.

    B xxx

  2. Ordered and on its way! Ha, I may be skint but I couldnt resist that, it look so much fun! x

  3. Glad the new job is going well - I hate cooking so couldn't think of a worse job for me! Nice buttons :) x

  4. thanks for the comment hun .. you will love Chatsworth x