Wednesday, 14 July 2010


So this is my first sunflower to open! These are my current pride and joy, I've grown them from seeds since March. Yes I know, I know, they're really easy to grow, but with my luck with plants and flowers this is a mean achievement for me! The only thing I'm not happy with so far is that I planted Russian Giant sunflowers, so it should have a huge black centre. Any idea's why it hasnt anyone?

The three large, or should I say HUGE pots are the sunflowers, the first flower is on the left. If you look carefully you can also see Phoenix the cat behind the left pot - shows how big they are compared to him!


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  1. Hi Luna (Lorna),

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, the house we stayed in was owned by a french rock star, unfortunately he only seems to be famous in his own country as we had never heard of him.

    Welcome to blogging, I hope you find lots of inspiration and you get to follow your dream of running your own business.

    Be back soon

    Vanessa x