Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A New Reflection

So here starts a new area of my life, blogging...

I used to to be an avid online diary writer, keeping one going for about 5 years or so, and so this is not a complete alien area. However blogging seems to have a lovely quality to it, with frequent use of photo's to document my life.

With being my first post, I feel I do of course need to introduce my own life, and so....

My name is Lorna, or Luna and I live in a lovely, fairly large village in Cheshire, with my lovely partner Matt, and our two cats Phoenix and Rosie.

Me and Matt (also known as Maffu)

Almost 1 year old, turning into a proper little tomcat!

9.5 years old, we rescued her 2 months ago.
She had spent 6 months in rescue centre, poor little lady.

My Mum's around the corner, my brother is up the road, and the inlaws are on the edge of the village! My abode consists of a lovely red brick terraced house, with a little decked yard full of plant pots - my current pride of joy is my 6 & 7ft sunflowers grown from seeds which are starting to flower! I think I'll save th sunflowers photo's for a future post however.

I have recently qualified as a secondary school art teacher, and so the job hunt is currently on. However I will admit I'm really struggling with the idea, as all I have been able to think about doing for the past 6 months is setting up my own craft business. It honestly would be my dream, to be creative all day everyday. Sometimes motivation to get going can be a struggle however.....hmmmm, must sort that one out!

I'm hoping that here will be a another creative outlet, another place to be inspired, to share, and to enjoy.

Heres to the future....

Luna x


  1. Lovely post Luna and a great introduction! Congrats on the qualifying! Now to blast through that to do list so you can get on to the fun things...like creating! :)

  2. Yeah I have been getting through it this past month since I mentiond it. Been blogging lots more since this post though! Good to hear from you though! x