Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Camping in Llangollen

Sooo, this weekend has been extremely enjoyable and a much need break! Myself and OH went camping for the weekend near Llangollen in Wales, to a campsite we have stayed before by the Abbey ruins.

 Our blue tent in the middle in front of the abbey ruins.

Before this could happen however, the cats had to be taken to the cattery, a new experience for all of us! It really broke my heart leaving them there, especially litte Phoenix who is not quite yet an adult cat, who clung on to me in terror not wanting to go in the pen. Rosie was fine all weekend, I guess this is due to her having spent 6 months in the cats protection league pens, so it was familiar to her. Phoenix didnt really come out of his shell all weekend apparently, poor little fella. However one lovely piece of news is that although they don't get on with each other at home, whilst there they were sleeping in the same bed together all snuggled up! So wish I could have seen that.

As mentioned, we have been to Llangollen before, and to the same campsite. However on Saturday evening we visited Horseshoe falls with a picnic for our tea, and with no-one else around except a few cows it was really lovely.

Horseshoe Falls

Picnic plates hehe :)

Enjoying the evening...

So the weekend has been thoroughly enjoyed all in all! I was glad to get home and see the cats again of course though! Here's just a few more snaps from our weekend...

A cute little deli we bought picnic supplies from.

A memorial seat engraved with;
'Why stand when you can sit'

The old suitcases stacked up at Carrog station.

Luna x

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