Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Twitter Tuesday - My Girl Thursday

My Girl Thursday...

For no reason at all, I don't tend to follow many American tweeters, however My Girl Thursday is one of the few I do. Run by Chantilly McKinnon (but prefers to be called Thursday), following the birth of her daughter earlier this year, Thursday has been working hard on her craft products, with recent additions including the resin belt buckles and the printed totes. I absolutely love the way she photographs her products and adds text, and adore how the belt buckles each have names, so cute!

So here for your enjoyment....

Reversible Apron $40.00

Black and White Scarf $18.00

Greta - Doll Face Resin Belt Buckle $25.00

Sewing Machine Tote $25.00

You can find Thursday on Twitter as My Girl Thursday, at her Etsy shop, or at her blog. Now go and enjoy people!

Luna x


  1. Thanks for the feature Luna! I'll tell you a secret - I'm actually a proud Canadian :D

    Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday!

  2. Oops! haha! Sorry, my apologies - my geography is obviously worse than I thought! x