Monday, 16 August 2010

Sunshine & Weddings!

Well I return at last after a lovely few weeks of holidays! First we were lucky enough to spend 11 days at my Aunts villa in Gozo, just off Malta which was just beautiful.

Driving from the airpot in Malta I was too impressed with the scenery, however after catching a ferry over the tiny Gozo island, I found the place to be a lovely place. Gozo is made up of lots of litle villages, each village has a square at its centre, and being a very catholic country on each square is a church, usually quite large and impressive!

This is the largest church we found, in a tiny village!

We also took a lovely boat ride, visiting the Blue Lagoon, visited Popeyes Village over in Malta (where the 1980 film was set), saw the Azure window, and attended one the villages Festa's (a celebration of their Saint).

We took the boat ride sitting on the front - the best views!

The Blue Lagoon

Popeye Village in Malta

The Azure Window

A local Festa in one of the villages

So a lovely time was had by all! I then had the joy of returning home for the grand total of around 40 hours, before taking the long drive from Cheshire to Kent with my Mum for my cousins wedding.

Me all dressed up and ready to go...

The bride walking down the isle. Who'd guess she's 7 months pregnant eh?!

My cousins beautiful daughter Chloe rocking the dance floor in her spotty dress :)

So all in all, a good few weeks have been had. Although there's always something nice about coming home after being away for a while...

Luna x

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